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Product quality assurance— Only Qualified raw material can guarantee product quality —


High Grade Fiber:Mecable strategically cooperated with world first-rate fiber manufacturers to guarantee products quality.

Low Grade Fiber: Irresponsible manufacturers use low grade or recycle fiber to make fiber optic cable, It results in network slow speed、 transmission sign unstable、Band width、Large attenuation on Splicing and broken fiber.


Qualified Jacket Material: Mecable chooses qualified jacket material to make sure the cable appearance smooth and delicate, clear letter,UV resistant, low temperature resistant,and life duration more than 25 years

Inferior Jacket material: Irresponsible manufacturers use inferior recycle jacket material to reduce cost, cables will have rough appearance, fuzzy letter, easy to crack and water penetrate after use for a short time (few years , or even few months).


Good Inner and out package:Mecable selects good crude wood 、Fumigation wood、Plywood for packing, They are able to Withstand strong impact and protect fiber optic cable

Poor inner and out package:To save cost, irresponsible manufacturers use poor quality wood, rotten wood.Those packages can be easily broken and cause cable damage.

Advanced production equipment— advanced equipment scientific production management —

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