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Why MTP connector is described as a high performance MPO connector?

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Through a specially designed MTP connector performance and availability were improved compared with MPO connectors. This design feature of MTP is unique and protected by patents. The main features are as follows:


1, MTP fiber optic connector sleeve frame parts can be easily removed.


MT ferrule designed to rework and re-grinding in the production of energy to ensure that performance is not damage. positive and negative 

in the field even after assembly flexible to change, ferrule assembly can be over after interference detection.


2, MTP fiber optic connector ferrule float to improve mechanical transmission performance when docking. It allows two connectors under the influence of external forces make matched ferrule to maintain good physical contact.


3, MTP fiber optic connector elliptical guide pin (PIN) is used in stainless steel, oval docking guide pin can improve accuracy, and reduce wear and tear of the guide hole, such that the optical fiber MTP connector is more durable to maintain high performance transmission.


4, MTP fiber optic connector has a metal clip for fixing the push pin ring. Specific features:


Prevent the loss of the guide pin;


Concentrated pressure generated by the spring;


Prevent the spring from touching the fiber friction in the mechanical expansion process caused damage to the optical fiber;


5, MTP fiber optic connector spring design maximizes ribbon clearance 12 core and ribbon fiber core optical fiber applications to prevent damage.


6, MTP fiber optic connector having at least four standard matching parts, can be adapted to different types of fiber optic cables, more practical, including below:

Round fiber optic cable loose tube structure;


Oval Ribbon cable;

Strip bare ribbon fiber cable;


Short tail cuff connector parts, very suitable for use in a small space, reduction of 45% of the volume

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