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MT ferrule can using regular way to clean it?

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The best way to affect the optical properties of dust and oil on clean MT ferrule is the use of an advanced dry cloth to clean components such as NTT-AT OPTIPOP, cleaning method is very simple because only relates to a single channel.

When using the cleaning kit contaminants are completely removed, contrary to use low-quality cloth or cotton swab to remove pollutants, although the fiber surface, but still dirty edge ferrule presence, and easily makes the ferrule face wear, causing serious data loss.

OPTIPOP series of cleaning components are designed for fiber optic connector design of yin and yang, it can also be applied to single ceramic ferrule.

OPTIPOP cartridge and cassette cleaner can be added using a replaceable cleaning cloth, cleaning can be long-term use, compared to traditional cleaning methods, the lower the cost of cleaning.

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