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Different between MPO and MTP connector standard

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With the rapid development of data centers, cloud computing, cloud storage and other applications gradually penetrated the bandwidth requirements of each industry, network communication also will increase rapidly. The high speed, high capacity and high-bandwidth often requires more space and higher costs.It is exist long-term contradiction. MTP / MPO connector standard has become the best solution for the current high density and high bandwidth. In market today, There are two kind of MTP and MPO connection system. They are very similar, to a certain extent, can be compatible with each other. But they have really the difference.


MPO (Multi-fiber Pull Off) is Japan's NTT Communications Corporation designed the first generation of shrapnel clamping type multi-core optical fiber connector. Right now, MPO is the name of multi-pin connector header. 


MTP, is a company registered in the United States US Conec brand, specifically refers to the production of unique MPO connector type


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