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Mining cable Introduction

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Mining cable namely fire resistant mining communications cable, i.e,mining cable, mining cable or fiber optic cable for coal, the model MGTSV.




1, mine cable MGTSV fiber optic cable is a special application in the field of communications, namely for the coal industry of professional communications cable, fiber optic cable in coal, gold, iron ore and other mining occasions.


2, mining cable MGTSV not only inherits all the properties of optical fiber and cable, but also because of the special requirements of the coal industry and the addition of a number of special properties, mainly additional performance flame-retardant properties, rodent characteristics (mine special circumstances), because coal mines , gold, iron ore and other mines, especially coal mines for the accident-prone land, to ensure that accidents still ensure smooth communication, reduce losses, the State Administration of Work Safety (State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau) mandatory for all coal mines safety certified products, including communications cable, including mining product safety certification mark.


3, because others such as gold, iron ore and so there is no corresponding standard, due to the coal mine cable overall performance is the only criterion of mine, is also the industry's implementation of the standard requirements are relatively high, so other mines are generally designed in accordance with the cable and coal mine produce.


4, safety standard certification of communications cable is only one model that is MGTSV, and the corresponding requirements are as follows, in fact, with the range of official and practical: mine, shaft tunnel and roadway.




A- biased when using the center loose tube (2-12 core, because the problem process, this process can only produce 12 core) b-stranded loose tube type (2-144 core, generally less than 12 cores: more proper for loose tube type)


1, the center loose tube: from the inside to the outside of the order of optical fiber, optical fiber paste, loose tube, steel wire (more with a circle around), steel, PE inner sheath, flame retardant sheath (blue).


2, Stranded loose tube: from inside to outside center stiffener (usually with phosphate steel), fiber, fiber paste, loose tube, cable ties, cable cream, steel, PE inner sheath, flame retardant sheath (blue).


Mine with fire-retardant cable structure is put the single mode or multimode fiber jacketed in high modulus loose tube made of plastic, the inner tube filling water blocking compound. Center cable core is squeezed into a phosphate or polyethylene wire rope, loose tube (or filled with rope and signal lines) around the center to strengthen the core twisted synthetic compact and circular cable core, the cable core is filled with water blocking filler steel - after inner polyethylene sheath, blue flame-retardant PVC sheathed cable.

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