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Cable Construction Notes

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 Construction Notes cable communication cable in order to ensure the normal amount of use, please wake up before installing the necessary acceptance and testing.

First, please make a check after opening the package :

1, Check fiber optic cable out jacket whether damage

2, Check fiber optic cable length is same as the certificate and mark

3, Check optic fiber cable model structure and indicated is same with certificate

4, Please testing fiber optic cable . Compare the testing data with manufacturer’s testing report

5, Check length,model structure,testing data is same as provisions of the contract

 6. If you have any questions above Articles, please contact with the company

7, certificates and test reports Please keep for future queries

Second, fiber optic cable construction Note:

1, Fiber optic cable installation must use an haulage rope for connect Fiber optic cable’s central strengthen member, and fixed with nets or tape and the sheath. Haulage rope and cable strengthener is better to use a special rotating traction head. It is forbid to tow directly with jacket of fiber optic cable.

2, For more than 2KM fiber optic cable, it is not allowed paying off in one time from start to end. Fiber cable drum must be put on middle of laying distance. Paying off fiber cable into two side.

3, It should not bend fiber optic cable less than the specified bending radius and avoid bending the cable serious cause death buckle.

4, Pipe fiber optic cable install ,when the pipe in case of corners or sides of the pipe hole level of inconsistency, be sure to designate a professor person laying cautious.

5, Overhead pipe installation 1500N (comparable to 150KG) buried cable short pull 3000N (comparable to 300KG) in the cable laying process, can be used Constant laying tractors or 2-3 people uniform front traction, not excessive force, but not the use of force pulling people together: if 2-3 people can not pull the cable, can be used in the middle Relay traction, laying speed 5-15 m / min is appropriate.

6, for overhead cable laying, hanging 1-2 among the best temporary pull each pole guide wheels, are not allowed to use hooks instead.

7, buried cable wrap discharge is completed. It should be back to 750px thick soil, the soil should be fine, you can not fill in the grind stone stones or bricks. For the difficult area of fine soil, it can not be less than 250px thickness.


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