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ADSS cable fittings introduction

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Clamp Uses: ADSS preformed wire Clamp mainly used for aerial self-supporting ADSS fiber optic fixed line, anchor tight, usually installed in Terminal Tower, tight line Tension tower, corner towers and other locations.

Composition: preformed wire Clamp assembly each comprising: an inner twisted wire, twisted wire outside, pull the ring. Users can configure other connections optional depending on design requirements.

Features: Pre-twisted wire to wire Clamp (cable) grip strength can be achieved wire (cable) ultimate tensile strength above (R.T.S) of 95%, no stress concentration and vibration stress.

Single layer Clamp purpose: ADSS single-Clamp, with Clamp role similar. Corner is mainly used for short span of 50 to 200 meters, with anti-Zhang, terminal tower and so on, not only suitable for aerial cables, but also for overhead wires, cable and other cable anchoring installation and construction for traction clamp used.

Features: The structure is simple, quick and easy installation.

Composition: Single Clamp is a preformed wire, pull rings, U-rings and other components. Single-Clamp can use according to the user's requirements and select aluminum-clad steel wire or galvanized steel wire material to manufacture.

Suspension clamp Uses: ADSS suspension clamp preformed wire is mainly used for aerial self-supporting ADSS fiber optic cable line on, for suspension cable use, similar to the role of ordinary suspension clamp. Recommended for use in environments when line corner ≤30º.


1, the rational distribution of low static stress and improve the dynamic stress (such as vibration or dancing) capacity, which grip the cable up to the ultimate tensile strength (RTS) of 10% to 20%.

2, no rigid contact with the cable (flexible grip), the wear to a minimum.

3, excellent material so that the clip has good flexibility and toughness, fatigue resistance and strong corrosion resistance, safety, long service life.

4, not only effectively protect the cable, and its smooth contour of corona discharge and electromagnetic loss is greatly reduced.

Composition: Pre-twisted wire twisted wire suspension clamp from the inside and outside twisted wire, rubber plug, overhanging plywood (housing) and other components. Users can configure other connections optional depending on design requirements.

Double suspension clamp uses: ADSS double suspension clamp preformed wire, also known as double-pivot suspension clamp, which in addition to having a general single suspension clamp all the performance, mainly used across rivers, canyons and other more than 800 meters long distance overhead ADSS fiber optic cable line and corner towers 30 ° ~ 60 ° on.

Features: cable fixed by a double pivot support and protection, so as to ensure the long span, large corner environment safe and reliable operation of fiber optic cable. Composition: double suspension clamp preformed wire from the inner wire, outer wire, rubber plug, hanging plywood, siding, triangle linking boards and other components. Users can configure other connections optional depending on design requirements. Mechanical suspension clamp uses: short span suspension clamp a suspension clamp, the clamp between the tangent and preformed wire suspension clamps between. Applicable line span between 100 to 200 meters, the line angle is 15º or less straight line tower. Gold with a breaking strength of ≥40KN. Features: It has a tangent clamp convenient features, due to increased pre-twisted wire reinforcing layer, but also enhance the cable certain resistance to dynamic load capacity. Composition: mechanical suspension clamp by a reinforcing layer preformed wire, rubber plug, housing, U-rings and other components.

Tangent clamp purposes: the case of straight line tangent clamp suspension clamp a small span of aerial cables provide mainly light, simple, low-cost installation clamp protection, especially suitable for urban communication network construction and renovation needs. Mainly used for 100 meters or less straight short span tower, or corner less than 15º of cable installation on the tower. Breaking strength ≥40KN.

Composition: Each tangent clamp comprising: a housing, a rubber plug, bolts, nuts, washers etc.

Preformed cut wire cable clamp uses: Preformed cut wire line clamp is mainly used for the following files from the straight line 75 m tower on the line.

Features: Preformed role Siqie line clamp and tangent clamp similar, but its installation is more simple. Installers do not need special tools to hand operation can be installed smoothly, and it is easy to ensure the quality of the installation, and the weight is also lightweight.

Composition: Preformed cut wire line by a preformed thread clamp clip legs, collar, rectangular hanging plates.

Anti-corona rings Uses: anti-corona ring is mainly used in the above 220KV transmission line and tower erection with ADSS fiber optic cable. Because the cable and preformed wire fittings are located on the higher electric field space, preformed wire prone to corona discharge end fittings affected. The safe operation of the cable threat. Anti-corona rings can greatly improve farm preformed wire end state, reduce the corona electrical cable produced for corrosion and prolong the life of the cable.

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